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Italian trade upturn: export 2017

The arrival of 2018 brought with it a good news for Italy: after the period of crisis that hit Europe in recent years, 2017 ended positively. It is the National Statistical Institute (ISTAT) that reveals it, underlining the exponential growth of foreign trade, in terms of exports (+7.4%), but also imports (+ 9%).

In particular, the analysis of the first data shows how the quality of Italian products is back in vogue all over the world. Indeed, the increase is due to both markets: if the EU sees a growth of +6.7%, non-EU countries contribute to the Italian recovery with +8.2%. Among the latter are Russia and China which, with Italian imports of 19.3% and 22.2% respectively, hold the absolute record.


EFS is part of this positive trend, with an annual export to the whole world exceeding the 50% of its total trade.


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