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Instrumental mechanics - Situation and prospect

According to the July 2019 report “Monitor dei Distretti” published by Intesa San Paolo, 13 Lombardy district institutions out of the 23 monitored have recorded a decline in exports; among them, instrumental mechanics in Bergamo district is suffering a decline (-16.7%) due to the commercial crisis of the German market. At the same time, however, two metalworking districts show a good performance (Metalworking in the low Mantua area + 8.6% and Mechanical engineering in Varese + 7.3%), thanks to the drive of the United States and China.

According to the publication "Industrial Sector Analysis Report October 2019" by Prometeia and Intesa San Paolo, the mechanical industry, which is the leading sector in Italy, is expected to have a moderate growth (+ 1.3% on average in 2020-21, with constant prices).

Compared to the recent past, Italian companies are making less investments in capital equipment, a trend only partly offset by the export growth.