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Surface treatments

In the fastener world, the products quality is a priority, as well as the choice of the right coating for each application. In fact, surface coatings can help to increase the lifespan of fasteners, improving quality perceptions and user experience.

In many industries, like aerospace, automotive, construction and energy field, fasteners treatments play a key role.

Here below you can find available treatments for our customs:

  • Burnishing (also called bronzing) is the dark surface coloration of a metal practiced by various methods with the aim of providing protection against oxidation as well as improving its appearance.
  • Phosfate Process is a chemical process by which the surface of a metallic material is altered, creating phosphate crystals with the aim of improving corrosion resistance and promoting adhesion of the paint; it is the preparation treatment for paintwork, universally adopted in the automotive industry, as it is essential to obtain very high corrosion resistance characteristics required by the body of a car.
  • Geomet® is a water-based coating containing zinc and aluminium in lamellar form, able to resist to very high temperatures and to give a very strong protection to metallic materials from environmental corrosion.
  • Electrolytic Zinc-Coating is a coating, with different chromium plating, of zinc applied on the metal to protect against galvanic corrosion.
  • Hot Dip Galvanization is the immersion of steel products in a molten zinc bath held on average at a temperature of 450 ° C which determines the covering of the steel with a thin and resistant layer of zinc. It is considered one of the most effective and lasting protections.
  • Zinc- Nickel is an innovative electrolytic process based on a ferrous deposit of a 12-15% zinc and nickel alloy with a semi-gloss grey natural colour with the possibility of a black passivation. This process is more protective than traditional commercial electrolytic galvanizing.

For more details: https://www.fastenerandfixing.com/manufacturing-technology/the-importance-of-reliability-and-transparency-in-coating/